If you are a new counsellor who completed their practicum placement and want to get into private practice right away we can help you. We offer our counsellors a community of practice. Working as a solo practitioner can feel so isolating with no one to turn to for support. We lay the ground work by giving you access to a practice management system (including billing, scheduling & video conferencing). We do the advertising, send you referrals, cover your professional fees and offer training and support, while you just sit back and support Nova Scotians who are in need of mental health support.

Board of Directors

Do you want to be a part of Thoughtful Changes Mental Health to bring affordable mental health counselling to individuals across Nova Scotia? Do you want to help to break down the mental health stigma and be a part of the community of counsellors who are dedicated to this mission?

We are currently accepting board of director nominees to fill 3 positions on our board of directors. Each position is a 1 year term. See the job description here and send your resume and cover letter to