Thoughtful Changes is a nonprofit, supportive group of counsellors.

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Supporting Nova Scotia with affordable well-being.

We have created a non-profit, social enterprise aiming to:

  • Reduce mental health stigma by creating a mental health hub;
  • Increase mental health supports with an outside the box model including virtual counselling; and
  • Provide quick and easily accessible resources.

We provide affordable, quickly-accessible counselling services for individuals in Nova Scotia who have financial barriers to accessing mental health supports. Services are provided online by Registered Counselling Therapists or Social Workers who have a Masters degree. 

Offering Free Counselling Services

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About Us
What We Do

Nova Scotia has had a mental health crisis since long before the pandemic; social isolation, fear, and the unknown has skyrocketed anxiety and depression. We’re here to help. 



Our mission is to help expedite access to mental health care and resources while creating a fellowship of counsellors across the province of Nova Scotia.

We want to be the affordable, go-to mental health resource for Nova Scotians who have been waiting for public mental health supports.


We have come together to:

  • Provide more people access to mental health supports at a reduced cost;
  • Reduce mental health stigma and create an approachable atmosphere; and
  • Create a counsellor community of practice allowing new counsellors to stay and work in Nova Scotia

Our Vision

We envision a welcoming and approachable hub where people can find mental health resources and affordable counselling.

Eventually, we are aiming for a collected office space for our in-person clinicians, with an integrated storefront to support local nutrition and wellness products.


Our counsellors are professional counsellors registered with their own counselling regulatory body.  They are helping us to offer affordable counselling to individuals who are facing financial barriers to accessing mental health services.  Our counsellors work within our model to help you determine a sliding scale session rate that you can afford. Your extended health insurance plan may also cover the cost of counselling.

We utilize a short-term model of practice limiting sessions to a maximum of 12 sessions. This allows us to keep our wait list low and allows us to support as many Nova Scotians as we can. We will work with you on a case-by-case basis if you require additional sessions.

Our intake session is $50 for an individual. During this session, our counsellors will help you determine your affordability for your subsequent sessions. Our sliding scale ranges from $50 – $80 per session for individual counselling. 

We also have a pay-it-forward model if we have space to take on clients. This model allows clients to pay over and above our maximum fee and pay additional monies to help other individuals out who are struggling to pay the minimum fee of $50/session.

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Our Professionals
The Counsellors

If you are 19+ and struggling with life’s problems such as relationships, work, stressors, anxiety, depression, or other mental health problems, we can help. To seek mental health counselling with us, please see the counsellors’ profiles below to book directly with them. Please note: we only accept clients who are residents of Nova Scotia and are 19+ years in age.

For more information on our organization, please contact us at or call us at (902) 932-7122.

Zarrin Ghaferi
Zarrin Ghaferi
Registered Counselling Therapist - Candidate (RCT-C)

Zarrin is a strong advocate of evidence-based interventions, client-centered and trauma-informed approaches to support, empower, and assist her clients to achieve their goals. More about Zarrin…

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Sally Tucker
Sally Tucker
Registered Counselling Therapist - Candidate (RCT-C)

Sally is a highly empathetic person and counselor with a passion for working with individuals to assist in empowering them in their own lives. More about Sally…

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Victoria Westheuser
Counselling Therapist Intern

Victoria is our Counselling Therapist Intern, with a goal to offer a patient, empathetic, and non-judgmental space to listen to and explore important areas of your life. More about Victoria…

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About Us
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  • Deanne Matheson, MSW, RSW – Thrive Counselling and Consulting
  • Kendra Popwell, MSW, RSW – KLP Counselling
  • Cathy MacDougall, MSW, RSW – Cathy MacDougall Private Counselling and Consulting Services
  • Nadine Hutchison – Yorkville Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology Student

Financial Statements/Annual Reports

2021 – Annual Report

2021 – Financials

The Founder

Amiee Wilson

I am passionate about mental health and wellbeing. 

I have a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology and I’m a Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCC), Registered Counselling Therapist Candidate (RCT-C), and a Registered Holistic Nutrition Consultant (RHNC). I am in private practice as the owner of Wilson Counselling.

As a teenager, my mother struggled with the affordability of food and supplements that could have helped her live more humanely with her cancer. After her death, I knew that health should not have a price tag. 

As a student, my mentor helped those with financial barriers to access mental health supports in Halifax, and I was determined to provide similar help in my home of Cape Breton. Seeing how many people in Nova Scotia who were on years-long waiting lists to access public mental health resources was outrageous. People were suffering and dying because of these wait times, or because they could not afford to pay for private practitioners.

I researched provider models and chose one that not only helps those having difficulty accessing services, but also helps new counsellors get into private practice. This model also has the ability to take on counselling students, help them gain more experience, and offer pro bono services to the community. 

Seeing this model come to life – and being able to increase our coverage across Nova Scotia via e-counselling – feels like a win-win!

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Work With Us

From counsellors to the board of directors, to volunteer work and donation information, we’d love your support.

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Press releases, media appearances, and more – find our Thoughtful Changes social enterprise in the media throughout Nova Scotia. 

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Our Counsellors

Learn all about each of our wonderful counsellors. We want you to choose someone you can be comfortable with.  

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Phone: 902-932-7122